Saturday, August 16, 2008

Please Don't Hate Me!

First of all, I want to thank everyone that reads my story. When I started writing this thing, I was convinced it was total crap (I even have it saved as 'crap' on my computer) but I really appreciate all your positive comments. The only reason I'm still writing this is because of all of you.

Which makes me feel badly about what I'm about to say. In a few days, I'm moving out of my house and starting my freshman year of college. Packing up everything I own coupled with some personal issues I've been dealing with for the past few days have made it almost impossible for me to find time to write. I have two more chapters written, but there's just something I don't like about them so until I can figure out how to make them better I'm not going to post them.

I promise I'm not ending this story yet. I have a lot of ideas and I'm really excited about where this story is headed. I'm going to try to write and post as much as I can, but until I get settled in I can't promise there will be regular updates. I wish I could give you all an idea of how often you can expect a new post, but I won't even know that myself until classes start and I figure out how much time I'll have for this.

I'm really sorry. I wish I could keep updating everyday because I love writing this and I love reading the awesome feedback I get from everyone. I hope you all understand why I need some time off.

I know most of you are going back to school or moving to college as well, so good luck! Going back to school always sucks, but at least it means October is getting closer and we'll soon be able to watch our boy on the ice =)


Anonymous said...

Life is busy, and in the fall, even what you need to do to settle in and post when you can, because you are a very gifted writer and your story is really, really good. Have a great school year!

Lauren said...

I agree with stovgirl (we usually agree, in fact). As a college grad myself, I know exactly how stressful and busy moving away to college and getting started can be - good luck with everything and remember to have fun! While I will be waiting anxiously for your updates, because I love this story, I totally understand that school/life comes first!

SparklyPurple16 said...

I agree with stovgirl and Lauren, everyone is trying to get into a routine again. The summer has come and it's about to leave =[

I think that most of us understand that now is a very busy time, for everyone. Good luck in college!

I will be patiently waiting for updates (but take your time) =]

Anonymous said...

blah on boys.
that's all i have to say.

Summer said...

Blah indeed. He left for Texas today though, so hopefully that means I won't have to see him for a long time.

Thanks for understanding everyone =)

mare said...

freshman year is going to go by wicked fast, trust me. cant wait for the updates.

anika875 said...

college is very stressful.. but it was nice for the summer to get an update everyday! lol. good luck and hopefully we'll get a few more chapters before your college life gets too crazy!

ST said...

Boo school! I can't believe this summer is over. :[ But like you said, it only means October is getting closer! Can't wait to see my Devs. ;] Good luck with school and settling in! I really enjoyed reading your story all summer! Can't wait for the updates!

Aeryn said...

Totally understand, there is no need to apologize, school comes first. I love this story and I can't wait until you update again. Good Luck in School, and lets go Pens!